Fall in Love with your favorite Songs.


Your favorite Pop and Rock Songs in a beautiful acoustc style

Discover your favorite music of the 60s – 90s all over again. Stylish, sophisticated and passionately interpreted by Re-Cover.

Music from the time when we still recorded our favorite songs on cassette. Back when people still took the time to put on a record and listen.

In summary: The best music ever!

Chris von Re-Cover - Live

Time for Music

For a moment you may leave the stressful everyday life behind you. Let yourself be taken on a musical journey into your past. Experience the music of your great musical legends as you have never heard them before.

With a lot of respect for the original songs I arrange my and your favorite music. 

The songs I release with Re-Cover are united by one fundamental element: your own passion for music and the opportunity to present it to others in a very personal, emotional way.

In a world that is getting louder and faster, I want to invite you to enjoy every single note.

~ Chris Chord

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